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Machine Washable facemasks from the Isle of Wight

Check out this dramatic youtube video on why facemasks help

Latest News: The Uni of North Carolina has tested face masks and, apart from full surgical, Polypropylene has come out as being the best. Our masks are made from 3 layer Polypropylene, quilted for comfort and fully elasticated all the way round for fit . For the full report see:


Hi Lucca, my mask finally arrived & it is great. So much better than the cheap one I had from Poundland, & longer lasting than the disposable ones.  I can actually breathe in this one, it feels much more comfortable on, & it’s great to be flying the flag for the Island. Hope your business goes from strength to strength!  Told all my friends on Facebook about you!

reviews keep coming in 

"Hi Lucca, my mask has just arrived & I have to say how comfortable it is, or as much as they can be, this is the first shaped one I have & as long as the weather is not too humid, hot & sticky, it feels better than the rectangular ones. I have just ordered a second one"

And Mrs Squire said "My mask was greatly admired today. Trendy Facehuggers are not just for the young!"

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