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Meeting new Challenges

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Well the first one was the post office loosing a number of shipments, Now I had problems the other end. This time with production. Unfortunately its Queue based so if there is an issue with the print you have to go to the back of the queue before its run again. The face mask Far Out was the culprit. Rather than keep trying and saying print issues, they had told me what was happening I would have told them to simply ship what they had got and I would have told the two people instead of holding everyone up for two weeks! Still I've learnt how to ask whats wrong now. Since I started this I have been face mask watching. Still the most common is the blue disposable. So that's good news as plenty of potential customers, bad news is whats it doing to the environment? Lets hope they convert soon. Which reminds me don't forget to wash your FaceHuggers. You should do it daily whilst the 1st is drying so if you need a spare don't forget to use your voucher. More designs and updates next week. Lucca

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