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New Business, New Data, New Masks,

Lots to report.

The First exciting news is that Moneyfields FC has chosen us to make their Face masks. Both Home and away have been made for the die hard Fan. If any other clubs or businesses out their want some branded ones please let me know

Second exciting news was that Polypropylene was announced by the University of Carolina as being, after full grade surgical masks, as being the best material. Our Face masks are all triple layer polypropylene, quilted for comfort and elasticated all the way round for a great fit.

Next up was more designs got added and the first request for a FaceHugger design came in. Easy one this one with the Union Jack. If there is anything you want, please let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Delighted to see repeat orders for our Face masks starting to come in, as well as word of mouth recommendation. Thank you.

Post office still playing games. I had two batches now go missing. Its very frustrating as I feel that I am letting customers down. I also had problems with deliveries. I am STILL waiting for this weeks and I'm now told hopefully Monday, when it should have been here Wednesday. I have increased stock levels for the future and have decided to part ship.

Until next week

Thanks All


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