FaceHuggers come in an elastic fitting style and are made from high-quality soft, breathable fabric that fits to the contours of your face. The straps are elastic so naturally adjust for a comfortable, sleek fit that stays in place. Made from non-irritable, sweat preventative QUILTED material your custom face masks are available in small, medium, large or XL (refer to size chart below for true measurements). Handmade to order. Washable cloth masks, both stylish and Reusable

Check Your Size


MaskMeasurement 1: Middle of nose to behind ear (one side)


Medium:15.6 - 16.5 cm        6.2 - 6.4 Inches


Measurement 2: Middle of nose to just under chin (max.)


Medium: 12.5 - 12.5 cm       4.9 Inches


Keep Calm


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